You can’t move forward it you don’t know where you are going and why you want to go there. Genuine Progress starts with research and analysis of the problems you face so solutions are based on facts and progress is evidence based. Our scientific minds ensure your work is sustainable and measurable.

A recent assignment focused on behavioural change was preceded by a rigorous set of stakeholder interviews to ensure strategic clarity was achieved before engagement of the entire community commenced. A simple graphic framework was designed to provide each employee with the business plan and goals.



Commitment begins with engagement. Good internal communications is the cornerstone of getting buy-in and aligning behaviours to organisational goals. Genuine Progress works with you to generate the creative content and channel strategy so that every employee can perform to their best every day.

A public sector client held workshops during which people were able to get access to senior leaders and understand the challenge of providing service with less budget. Creatively executed, the workshops centred on dialogue tools that allowed 100% participation from every employee. Action plans were created and commitment to individual goals achieved.



We work with leadership teams and individuals to provide pragmatic tools that increase self-awareness and improve performance through more effective self-management. The common challenges are cultural; we support leaders to make the powerful shift from a parental leadership style (show and tell) to an adult approach (collaborative and high on personal accountability).

Genuine Progress currently coaches director level executives transitioning to leadership roles where the political landscape challenges them to improve their relationship management skills. Our expertise in the area of emotional intelligence allows us to provide practical development pathways for individuals stepping up.