Genuine Progress exists to help organisations develop their people to perform at their absolute best every day.

Progress Definition

We work towards authentic and lasting change and achieve this by combining the rigour of science (our background in social science and management consultancy) with the art of creativity.

Our values create lasting relationships with our clients enabling us to partner around challenging and demanding work with passion and energy.

We strive to be:

open, we think deeply and then we say what we think;

brave, we commit 100% to our goals;

warm, we give our hearts and our minds to the work and the people we work with.


Hot key for progress

Peter Hazlerigg is a Director at Genuine Progress and specialises in business transformation. Peter was the Chief Executive and Board Director of a public company for over 30 years where he led acquisitions and new market growth. He travelled extensively and worked with a number of organisational cultures in many leadership roles. Peter brings clarity of thinking and the ability to build the business case for our work with senior stakeholders. Peter is also an experienced non-executive director and board-level coach.



Girl Making Progress

Annie Hazlerigg is a Director at Genuine Progress and specialises in organisational psychology. With a Masters in Organisational Behaviour and over 25 years consultancy experience, Annie brings academic rigour to our work as well as experience of designing and delivering culture and leadership programmes to all our key clients.¬†Annie is an experienced executive coach and facilitator. You can find information about the personality profiling tools that Annie uses on this site’s main menu.


Why choose us?

Genuine Progress works in partnership with you to ensure your business has the capability to create lasting success. We believe our differentiation comes from developing solutions that work for the long term and create sustainable performance improvements for our clients.

First step

Working with you begins with a conversation so if you’d like to know more about how we can help your organisation¬†please use the Contact Page and we’d be happy to call you.

Our contact details are also shown below:

Genuine Progress Ltd
120 London Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1TN
Telephone: 01483 440055